Ricky DiMatteo to the rescue

Ricky walks over and says, “Sal, go to the back so I can talk to these here young fellas.”

When Sal walks away, Young Wise Guy 1 says, “Oh, hi Mr. DiMatteo. Didn’t notice you there. How you doin’?”

Young Wise Guy 2 nods his head to signify he also recognized Ricky and also respectfully acknowledges Ricky’s presence.

Ricky says, “I’m happy youse fellas know who I am. That’s great ’cause I want youse to listen to me real good. This here family that owns this place are close personal friends of mine.”

Young Wise Guys 1 and 2 both squirm some.

Ricky continues, “I don’t want youse guys or anyone else from your crew to come in this here place botherin’ my friends about nothing. Understand what I am tellin’ youse?”

Young Wise Guy 1 says, “We sure do, Mr. DiMatteo. And we sure ain’t intended no disrespect.”

Young Wise Guy 2 shakes his head vigorously to show he’s in total accord with Young Wise Guy 1’s statement.

“Good,” Ricky says, “cause if either of youse or anyone else from your crew comes in this here place, youse’ll be hearin’ from me and it ain’t gonna be pleasant. Youse hear what I’m sayin’ to youse both?”

Young Wise Guys 1 and 2 nod theirs heads vigorously in unison.

Ricky finishes with, “And next time youse check first with your crew chief before youse bother any of the Italian store owners on Court Street. We straight?”

Young Wise Guy 1 says, “We sure are, Mr. DiMatteo, and we apologize for not checkin’ like you says. You’re right. Should of done that first. Ain’t gonna happen again. You got our word on that.”

Young Wise Guy 2 says, “Yes, sir, we’re good.”

Ricky faces Young Wise Guy 2 and says, “Oh, glad to see you got yourself a tongue.” He then looks at both of them and says, “Now both of youse fuckin’ punks get the hell outa here!”

Young Wise Guys 1 and 2 couldn’t get out of there fast enough.